Taxation Services

PS Professional Corporation focus in the following areas :

Individual taxes/Corporate taxes

  • We e-file the majority of all the tax returns and help to avoid costly interest and penalties
  • We always stay up to date on all tax laws and ensure that we have good understanding of your business in order to address every available deduction.
  • We help with CRA support when we become your CRA representative. Once you sign an authorization form that gives PS Professional Corporation to deal with the CRA on your behalf this way we save you a lot of time, stress and you can focus on your business.


  • GST applies to most supplies of goods and services in Canada. The GST you collect should not considered your company’s revenue
  • You begin to track the GST collected on your sales/revenue, and the GST paid on your expenses.
  • We work with net of GST Collected and GST paid either payable or refundable upon filing your GST returns each period.
  • We will update you what to pay and when to pay in order to avoid penalties.
  • We can prepare your GST returns monthly or quarterly and file them CRA online to ensure you never miss a deadline.


  • From T4 ,T5 to T5018 we make sure there are no slip-ups.
  • We will help you to decide how you should pay Dividends vs Wages, Paying sub-contractors, Deadlines for T-Slips then file the proper T slips.

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